My goal is to help idea-driven people to find the best way to visually communicate their ideas.

In my work, I help small businesses and individuals create a strong visual presence and make a connection with their audience, which can be difficult in today’s media-saturated environment. Whatever be the nature of the project, I always work towards making sure that the result evokes a clear and strong message, without compromising on the aesthetic beauty of the design.
My services
- Book's layouts and editorial design
- Logo design and branding
- Illustrations and surface pattern design
Tools I use
I mostly use Adobe tools for my work. Depends on what type of work I do, I use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Lightroom. For instance, when I work on a print layout, I can use Adobe Illustrator to create vector art, Photoshop to edit photos, and put it all together in Adobe InDesign.
My background
I have over six years of experience working as a graphic designer and I had worked in a marketing agency as well as an in-house designer for small businesses and startups.  During that time I had a chance to do work for the following clients: Aloha Kia, Territorial Savings Bank, Yoga Hawaii Magazine, The Bike Shop Hawaii, and others. You can learn more about my work background in my Linkedin profile.
How to start working with me?
If you’d like to start working with me please contact me at or through my contact page.